The Bespoke Experience

How it Works

If you aren’t already a custom clothier, do you have aspirations of owning your own home-based business? Do you love mens fashion and have a great network but you’re inexperienced when it comes to tailoring?

SUITS INDIA has the experience, knowledge and customer service. Our prices are competitive and our quality is unmatched.

If you’re new to tailoring but have the desire and drive to start a full time or side business, our team will help you. We’ll show you how to measure, the various garment styles and options, and teach you how to order.

Here’s a quick glimpse of our process


After understanding you and your business, we’ll:

  • Send you our style portfolios and swatch books
  • Provide you with one-on-one guidance on measurement taking techniques, garment styling, and more.
  • Train you to use StyleApp to assemble looks for your clients and place orders with us.


You’ll have everything you need to confidently meet with clients. The experience includes:

  • Getting to know them, their style, and their preferences.
  • Measuring them for a well-fitted suit, jacket, shirt or trousers.
  • Using StyleApp to customise the garment.
  • Placing the order at that time or later.


After a typical three-week turnaround period, you’ll receive your client’s order.

  • We make the alterations process as easy and as painless as possible.



  • After you’ve delivered a client’s garment to them, you can save the garment configuration in StyleApp to use it as a basis for all future orders for that client. This makes the experience personalized for them and makes ordering easy for you.
  • StyleApp allows you to assemble looks and send them to your client before you meet with them, helping you close the deal.
  • StyleApp also has a place for you to keep client photos, notes, and more to help you organize your orders and assist you in serving your customers.