Individually made using your unique measurements, personalized to reflect your style.

Our Garments

Our garments are defined by pairing classic, streamlined silhouettes with elevated details and Italian construction techniques. Each garment is cut to the client’s individual measurements and personalised to reflect their style.

Our Jackets

Our jackets are created in the Neapolitan style, offering lightweight construction, refined finishing and comfort. Each piece is individually made to your measurements and personalised to reflect your style.

  1. Neapolitan collars
  2. Horsehair inter lining
  3. Luxury fabrics
  4. Functional buttonholes
  5. Spalla Camicia
  6. Boat shaped breast pocket
  7. Pick-stitched lapels
  8. Bemberg lining

Horse Hair Interlining

We use the finest horsehair-reinforced lining sourced from Germany, which give our jackets a smooth, rounded form naturally. This ensures the canvas conforms to your body’s shape, allowing for a perfect fit.

Functional Buttonholes

Our suits have hand-stitched sleeve-ends and functional buttonholes.

Boat Shaped Breast Pocket

Our breast pockets are boat shaped rather than square so that the natural contours of the body are highlighted. It’s a lot more work to construct but we think it’s worth it.

Spalla Camicia

Each jacket sleeve is attached using the Spalla Camicia technique which means the jacket follows the shape of the body and falls more naturally.

Our Shirts

Crafted out of the finest fabrics with precise detailing, our shirts carry timeless appeal.

  1. Split Yoke
  2. Mother of Pearl Buttons
  3. French Seam
  4. 21 stitches per inch
  5. Horizontally Sewn Last Buttonhole

Split Yoke

This yoke is split down the middle with a seam down the centre. Its functional advantage lies in how the shirt fabric stretches more when pulled at a diagonal (which is the case with a split yoke), not straight along the warp or weft, as would be the case with a single yoke

Mother of Pearl Buttons

Mother of Pearl buttons, specially sourced from Australia.

French Seam

Constructed with french seams: Only one thread is visible on the more refined french seam because the other is inside the shirt.

21 stitches per inch

Boasts more than 21 stitches per inch.

Horizontally sewn last buttonhole

Horizontally sewn last buttonhole avoids tensing the seam.

Our Trousers

Versatile and enduring, our comfortable tailor-made trousers can be worn round the year.

  1. waistbands
  2. lined till your knees
  3. trouser band at the end of your trousers


Our waistbands are designed to move with you, so whether you’ve had a little too much to eat or need to bend, you won’t feel restricted.

Half Lined

All our trousers are lined till your knees to offer you an unparalleled level of comfort.

Trouser Band

We use a specially sourced trouser band at the end of your trousers that prevents abrasion on the hems and allows for a perfect fall.